​​​​Alexander Technique Teachers of Greater Washington, the first inclusive professional organization of Alexander teachers in the area, disseminates information about the technique and provides support for teachers.                                                   



The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique is a comprehensive source for all things Alexander.                                                               




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​Alexander Technique Teachers of Baltimore, a new organization, sponsors events to serve as a resource for the community and teachers and to support continuing connection among teachers in the Baltimore area.                                         

Karen Guertler

Alexander Technique International is a professional organization that offers information about AT and provides opportunities for teachers to continue developing their skills. The site provides articles about the technique, teacher listings, and information about workshops worldwide.                                                                               

Please bear in mind that words do a poor job of describing kinesthetic experience, and because our habits feel right to us, it can be difficult to discern on our own just how we interfere with freedom and ease in our daily activities. The knowledge and eyes and

hands of a skilled teacher are necessary for most people to explore movement possibilities 

beyond what they already think they know. AND, while books can expose us to the principles of the Alexander Technique, they provide still pictures, and AT is very much

about movement. Ideally, reading should come after some experience with the technique.

Karen Guertler 

Alexander Technique teacher

Since 1989 

Baltimore, MD 

Brennan, Richard. The Alexander Technique Workbook: The Complete Guide to Health, Poise and Fitness. London: Collins & Brown, 2011.   Richard Brennan's book can stimulate your thinking about new ways to perform daily activities.

Caplan, Deborah. Back Trouble: A New Approach to Prevention and Recovery. Gainesville, Fla.: Triad Pub., 1987. Deborah Caplan was a physical therapist and an Alexander Technique teacher. Her explanations and the illustrations may appeal to those who want more why along with their how.

Conable, Barbara, and Timothy H. Phelps. The Structures and Movement of Breathing: A Primer for Choirs and Choruses. Chicago: GIA Publications, 2000.  In her clear and well-illustrated book, Barbara Conable demonstrates how understanding our breathing mechanisms influences how effectively we use them and suggests ways to breathe and support our voices more organically and with less effort .

Gelb, Michael. Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique. 2nd Owl Books edition. New York: Holt, 1995.

Michael Gelb's book serves as an accessible source for the beginner. The illustrations are excellent.