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Karen Guertler

When I started studying Alexander Technique, I never imagined I would still be discovering and applying new insight 27 years later. Teaching the work continues to intrigue and delight me. 
     Pain brought me to Alexander Technique lessons, as it has for so many students. Finding relief from much discomfort, I soon realized that applying the principles had the potential not merely to change, but to improve my life immensely. AT still positively influences my thinking and my being.
     Yes, less pain is wonderful. When I realized I could exert some influence over my pain by making different movement choices, I came to understand that I have the power to make different choices in many other aspects of living. As I began to enjoy more ease in moving through space, I discovered ways to move more easily through life. In the words of one student “…the real juice is that those basic gifts of bodily poise are deeply intertwined in one's entire life process."

     I learned that instead of reacting habitually to people and circumstances, I could instead be more present and thus choose my responses. I would then be held accountable for my actions, so I could not play the victim: how empowering!
     Being fully present allows me to interact with other people in a more meaningful way; as the quality of my embodied listening becomes more sensitive, I am able to engage with others more honestly. I am so grateful for my teachers, and for the many students who have shared their lives with me. What an amazing gift I have discovered in Alexander Technique.

Feel free to contact me for help exploring your own choices and alternatives.

​Karen Guertler


The journey: being
And becoming, emerging
Into our true selves.

Karen Guertler
Alexander Technique teacher

Baltimore, MD